#Lexember post Eight – Conlanging objects in the Cālenyan world – Waste

Last night, I asked my spousal unit what everyday object I should cover next for Lexember.

“Urine,” said he.

So, today we have the crude words for urine and excrement, with vomit thrown in for good measure. These are the equivalent of “piss,” “shit,” and “puke;” because I have yet to figure out where the Cālenyana eventually get their “scientific” sorts of words. They don’t have Latin to pull from.

Back to the topic at… hand?

These are the noun forms; I’m not doing verbs right now.

dyen – piss
pyemen – shit
tyep – puke

I was asked yesterday where the pronunciation guide is – it’s here.

There’s an audioboo of my vowels here, and one of Cālenyan vocabulary here

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0 thoughts on “#Lexember post Eight – Conlanging objects in the Cālenyan world – Waste

  1. Given that urine can be used in tanning and, when you get to the steampunk era, for nitrate extraction should there be a variant word or a latter version that doesn’t imply that it’s a useless substance?

    • That’s a very good point! Add denad, urine used in tanning, and then pem, excrement used in fertilization, and pemed, dried goat shit for fire”wood.”

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