#Lexember post iIne – Conlanging objects in the Cālenyan world – Posers and Fakes

This was going to be a post about colours!

And I have those, too:
kāt – red
lenal – orange
patō – yellow
tōtyō – green
dēdun – blue
bezhya – indigo
galō – purple
leten – black
telun – white
lēlē – grey

Then I realized that red-face (or face-red) is a reference to the war leader, for the paint they once used to mark themselves in battle.

kalō – face
kalōkāt – red-face, war-leader – this leads to kalokākab (big war leader) –> calenkat –> Cālenta (calenka?)
kalōlen – orange-face. This is a courtesan or a “fancy lady,” from the proto-Bitrani women the Cālenyena encountered who painted their face with an orangey-red cosmetic.

And, from the fact that both of these leave a yellow residue when hastily wiped off:

kalōpatō – Yellow-face, someone lying about what they are, a fake.

Which led me to
tezyu – goat-hair
lanut – braid

And lanutez goat-hair braid: someone who is pretending to be something they’re not, a poser.

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