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Cúmhaí was in Addergoole.

Begley had known she was coming. It’s how it happened, or so everyone told him.

But he’d been here a year, where nobody knew he was The Midget (well, okay, he was still far too short, but in Addergoole, you learned not to judge too much based on size, or the four-foot-tall girl ate your shins.) And after that, it was one thing to know your giant sister would be showing up, and another thing to have her there, sneering and stupid and getting into trouble.

Begley sighed. She wouldn’t talk to him, of course. She wouldn’t really even look at him. She was a miserable pain in the tail, but she was his sister, and if anyone was going to kick the snottiness out of her, it was going to be him.

And it was Hell Night. Hell Night when everyone wanted to beat on everyone. Begley had done his time under the collar. It hadn’t been horrid, but it wasn’t what he wanted for his sister (even if it would teach her a thing or two)

And there was his sister, fighting against The Thing. Losing against The Thing. In a fair fight, Cúmhaí was a wildcat… wild… dog, he supposed, but there was nothing fair about this, and she didn’t know what she was up against.

“Let… her… GO.” No fucking creep was going to Keep his sister. Certainly not THIS fucking creep. He dodged danced, distracted, slipped, slid, and, when he had The Thing all turned sideways… bit.

A mouthful of The Things’s Things was not what Begley wanted, but it was what he needed right now. The scream told him he’d hit the right spot.

The flying through the air told him he hadn’t hit him hard enough.

Coming to in his sister’s arms told him he must have done something right.

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