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That Gal Thursday (Belated): Ellen

Ellen cy’Akinobu
Seventh Cohort
Crew: Shandar and Ciara, [Amadeus]

Some people walk into Addergoole and decide that they are simply not going to engage in the drama, stress, and trouble that is part and parcel of the education.

Ellen is one of those people.

Her Keeping by Rory Year 7 (read about Rory here and here, 3rd section) was, by Addergoole standards, a good one, mild, gentle, marred only by the mark Callista had inadvertently left on Rory. But it was still supernatural mind-control, and left Ellen with a distaste for
All Things Magical. Her philosophy in life is essentially: Keep your Head Down and Don’t Make Waves.

Perhaps understandably, this clashes with Ciara’s personality quite a bit.

Ellen is a short, busty girl, standing 5’0″ with an hourglass figure reminiscent of Jamie from Girls with Slingshots. She wears her curly brown hair in a short pixie cut, and prefers flowing, simple, natural clothes. She has green eyes and honey-brown skin; her Change gives her hair the same color as her eyes, long pointed ears, and a faint metallic sheen to her skin.

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