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Magic Mondays: Magic of the Cālenyena

The Cālenyena term for their magic at the time of Rin and Girey is sira, or, if they’re being poetic (which they rarely do), "the press of the Universe."

At this point in time, their magic falls into three rough categories, by the gods that they worship:

  • The blue, for Tienebrah, the sea, the sky, the air.  Mind and breath.
  • The red, for Veignevar, blood, fire, violence, death, the hot season. Violence, fire. 
  • The green, for Reiassannon, life, plants, the earth. Healing. 

The Bitrani use magic in similar manners, although the Bitrani limit most of their magic to the priesthood. 

In the way the Bitrani use magic, sometimes you can see the underpinnings of their previous theocracy, which was rife with more gods than any man has fingers and toes.  

In the way the Cālenyena use their magic, you can see echoes of the Bitrani system, but you can sometimes see remnants of a far older system, the seven-peaks that formed the original proto-Cālenyena cosmology.

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