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Side Story Saturday: Shahin in College

This is a drabble of Shahin, from Addergoole: TOS, during the time of Chapter Two of Addergoole: Year 9

“…and that’s why I think that interpretation is ridiculous.”

Shahin would never be a brilliant student, but college – even college while juggling four children – was so much easier than Addergoole that she couldn’t help but play around a bit.

Her professor was giving her the supposed-to-be-intimidating glare that she got such a kick out of. “While that’s an interesting theory, Miss…”


“Mrs. Morn, it fails to take into account the implications of the court case we’re actually discussing.”

“But those implications would not have been in place at the time of the theory’s penning.” Shahin smirked. Human teachers were so much fun.

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