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The ClockWork Collar, or The Princess of Al-ben, a kink-bingo mini-story in 25 (26) parts. Part 20

First: The Collar (LJ)

Previous: From Here (LJ)

Content warning; ew.

In the times that followed, if she thought about that time at all, she thought of it as penance for her outburst –

– and that was how she thought of tying up the man, Daran, who owned her, beating him, humiliating him, as an outburst – penance, or another step in her eventual goal.

She tried not to think of it at all. She cleansed him, and then he made her dirty. Dirty, all over. Filthy.

And then he cleaned her, as carefully as she’d cleaned him.

And then, in the heart of the Prince’s castle, in the heart of her enemy’s territory, she took him to meet the Mechanism.

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Weblit Wednesday: a Guest Blog by Becka Sutton

 All about Weblit Wednesday

What is Weblit Wednesday?

It all started on Twitter when a few of us started tweeting links to our favourite webfiction serials on a Wednesday and hashtagged it #weblitwednesday or #weblitwed. It lasted a while before it sort of petered out. I’m currently trying to revive the hashtag and expand it to include reviews and similar, so when Lyn asked me to write a guest post about it I agreed. It’s all about signal boosting your favourite weblits.

How do I take part?

It’s very simple to take part. Each Wednesday pick one of your favourite weblits (or take time to read a new one) and then tweet a link to it on Twitter using the hashtag above. In addition (or instead if you’re not on Twitter) you can post about it on you blog, facebook or other social network. And if you have time you can write and post a review of it as well.

Anything else?

I’m investigating setting up a couple of Mr Linky collectors like the one the #SerialTuesday people use. One will be for people to post links to their selected weblit and the other for them to post links to their reviews. We can then collate these into a report and post them up for reference.

I think that’s everything. If you have any questions please ask in comments.

About Becka

Becka Sutton is a self-described crazy cat lady, but she’s not very good at it: while she is crazy she only has one cat. She was born in Britain in 1972 and has lived there her entire life. As a child she started scrawling fantasy stories in exercise books her mother bought her to stop her scribbling in her school books. She hasn’t stopped writing since, and she credits writing as the outlet that allowed her to recover from the nervous breakdown she had after her parents died.

Her other interests include reading, listening to music, attempting to draw, growing her own vegetables and looking after the aforementioned Pumpkin cat.

No, you can’t read the novel she scrawled as a kid – she burned it long ago because it was awful.

You can find Becka’s weblit online at and she is currently running an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise funds to turn the second arc of one them into a book.

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