March Writing Goals

I have an immensely complicated writing goal:

That comes down to approx. 2k/day for 30 days.

What are your goals?

I’ve found I do better if people around me are also writing to a goal; play along?

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0 thoughts on “March Writing Goals

  1. Does it have to be a writing goal, or would, say, some other making goal work? (Not that I don’t have Madrigal writing to do.)

  2. My March Goals are to clean up the new apartment, and unpack everything – The boy and I moved yesterday, and understandably, things are a mess right now. Also, I start the new job tomorrow, so survive that, then survive the fact that I am staying on at my community college library job for weekends through March. So, it’s going to be a looooong month. But Poetry for the Masses session next weekend, so that totally counts as a ‘writing goal’. Theme is ‘rebirth’, if you want to throw a few prompts into the pot. 🙂

    • Personal goals count too! Ooh, awesome! Hey, I’m trying to do a thing every Wednesday where I feature a web-lit sort thing on my Tumblr. Would you like to write up a guest post on your Poetry for the Masses for this Wednesday?

      • Thanks. 🙂 I definitely would like to write something up, I need to figure out timing though. We do not have internet at the apartment yet, luckily, however the commuter rails trains in Boston do have wi-fi, so I should be able to type something on my new commute! Would Tuesday night be too late to get it to you?

  3. I have been told, because it appears to be important to me, that I should finish the book with the dragons. I am… going to try, though I am in a very different mindset now than I was in 2012, particularly with respect to libraries. So I am not sure if the ending will do anything but suck. Was planning to start this weekend. I shall let you know how that goes…

    • It’s a good book, and I agree you should give it an ending. If you want to brainstorm on ways to have the library part of it not suck, I can be available online sometime.

      • Thanks! I have ideas for the ending… at this point I think I’ll try and get them typed up, and then sit on it a bit. I want to do an editing pass – there was one subplot that got added mid-stream and references to that situation need to get added in the earlier parts of the book. Then I’l be letting people read it, and offer advice on the ending, in particular. You’re awesome, by the way. Your goals are amazing!

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