Bad Kids, a drabble of Luke and Mystral

After Revival, after Impasse

“Tempero Intinn, you sonofabitch.”

That’s my Myst.

The ninja froze. Slowly, he set his sword on the treehouse floor. Even more slowly, he began speaking. “Telling… you… the… goal… of… the… mission… gah… bitch… CHILDREN.”

The …ninja… sank to his knees, holding his head. Luke shared a brief glance with his wi – his mate. “I’ll go to the kids.”

“Daddy! Mommy!”

“Ow, you little shit!”

Luke swooped down from the platform in a barely-controlled dive. There, by the side door, Chavva and Icarus were fighting, like the good little warriors that they were, kicking and scratching and biting and, above all, not cooperating.

“The first thing to remember, if a stranger wants you to go somewhere, don’t be a good kid.” They hadn’t been the first children Luke had taught that lesson to, but the world was a dark place, and he had made sure to drill it in. Play -abductions, where they got to kick and fight against Dad, had driven the lesson home. “You’re a good kid for your Mom, for your Dad, for your family. Be a good kid for your teachers. But never, ever be a good kid for someone trying to take you somewhere. Be the baddest, most mis-behaved child you can manage.”

Chavva was biting now, good girl, going for the jugular, while her brother was using a small weapon that he must have had stashed in his pajama pants.

Luke felt a surge of paternal pride, never mind that Icarus wasn’t, technically his son.

And then he attacked.

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