I.D., a continuation of FaeApoc/Addergoole @kissofjudas

After Convincing, after Identity.

“Tell me who you truly are, and give us reason to believe it.”

Adder panicked.

Stuck in the man’s gaze, he had no choice but to answer. But what could he say?

“I’m Adder, sh’Hana, cy’Caitrin, called the Link. I was oro’Orlaith in my first year of school. We joked about it being oro-oro, remember, Ora? And when I Named Hunter, when I named my son,” he was freaking out and he didn’t know how to stop, damnit, the first time he met his son and he was hyperventilating. “When I named Hunter, you looked at me, and rolled your eyes, and you said, ‘why, Addy?’ and all I could say was ‘he’s going to need both halves to get through it.’ Is that enough, Ora, please?”

He dropped his Mask, holding out his hands with the tiny pointed fangs under the nails. “And you know I never show anyone these.”

“Careful with those, Adder.” Her voice was level and unimpressed. “Silas, I’m convinced. This is the boy I Kept my last year of school.”

Adder held his breath. There was no mistaking the fact that she was deferring decision to this… this man. This man who had taken his spot, his Ora, his son.

He needed them. Adder waited on judgement.

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