That Squirrel Thursday: Reese

Some people just can’t take anything seriously.

That’s Reese in a (ha) nutshell.

Of all of the hermaphrodites to have come through Addergoole (All three, at least, by year 9), Reese is the most comfortable being without-gender; the squirrel has fun blurring the lines whenever possible, and generally dresses in an androgynous and dapper fashion.

The red squirrel tail and ears are the most notable features about the slender squirrel, but looking beyond that, Reese has bright blue eyes, a narrow, straight nose, a beardless, square chin, and a slender body, hipless and with no real breasts to speak of.

Reese generally seems to be out of control – some of that is the squirrel Change, which had a mental component as well as the physical. Some of it is, by this point, an affectation: People expect Reese to be out of control, so Reese is.

Reese as a Kept was a much quieter squirrel; Reese as a Keeper might be terrifying.

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    • “Let’s say this Twinky represents the normal amount of chaos and randomness that takes place in Addergoole. If you were to provide Reese with a squirrel or chipmunk companion we would need a Twinky the size of…” “A Twinky of approximately the size of the QE2.” “Ah, thanks Egon. You’d need a great big absurdly humongous Twinky. So we recommend against allowing this to happen Director. I mean just imagine the diabetes a Twinky that size could cause.” (Hehe, couldn’t help myself)

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