That Guy Thursday: Tigg

Tigg isn’t a bad guy, he’s just drawn that way.

Drawn to bad guys (and gals), that is: his Keeping by Manira wasn’t abusive, wasn’t really bad, but Manira has a similar style of Keeping to her own former Keeper, Phelen, so it was an immensely controlled year.

Tigg learned he liked having someone else make decisions. But when Manira left, what was he going to do?

He found Calvin.

Lucky for him, then Nessie found him.

Tigg has a hedgehog Change which leaves him spiky all over, but most specifically over his hair. He’s Mediterranean in ethnic appearance, suburban mid-east in upbringing, and goth-bondagage in fashion preference. Masked, his quills represent as spiked hair.

He’s learning that they take dye well, too.

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