March Giraffe Call: Summary

The Call (LJ)

We reached $45 in donation from three donors; there were 12 prompters. No new prompters or donors.

Oh HEY! You guys, I still owe you two setting stories from last month. What settings would you like to see expanded on?

We reached this level of donations:
At $40 in donations, everyone who donated will get an additional microfic written to their prompts. I will choose 1 non-donater at random to receive an additional microfic as well.

[personal profile] thnidu! You will get a second story written. Do you have a new prompt or should I write again from the first one?

The stories so far:
Blade (LJ)

Reiassan Early
Sword (LJ)

In Theory (LJ)

Misc: Fantasy
The Toll (LJ)
The Tower Needs (LJ)
Into the Fire (LJ)
Clean (LJ)

Fae Apoc
Zelda and Solange in the post-apoc
Short/Cut (LJ)
Teamwork (LJ)

Stranded World
Ax Fight (LJ)

Facets of Dusk
The Sword/Sorcery World
Cloaked (did not xpost)
Deep in the Autumn Air (LJ)
Thick (LJ)
Changing (LJ)

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0 thoughts on “March Giraffe Call: Summary

  1. Are you happy with that level of donations/number of donators vs the amount of writing? *curious* I’d like a sword and sorcery thing from fae apoc, pairing of your choice (Shahin and Ty?).

  2. Settings: Dragons next door, of course. Or if you’re feeling that sort of mad, some of Rin’s family tree?

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