Signal Boost Poem – F, G, H?

Looking ahead with the Signal Boost Poem, I am in need of F’s, G’s, and H’s.

F could be for Fallon, Forrester, or Fuchsia , though I’d rather not have two Addergoole students.

G is… what, Garfunkel? Oh! Genique! (and Girey, thanks [personal profile] moonwolf and [personal profile] inventrix, whose suggestions I should clearly note on like a tattoo or something.)

For H I have
hemlock [1]
hunter-hale [2]
in looking at my character tags, and Hera, but, again, all Addergoole Characters.

And I don’t have settings starting with G or H, though F is well handled (Fae Apoc, Fairy Town). Actually, with the exception of Generation Ship, I don’t have any settings between F and O.


I think I’ll have to start giving couplets for useful help, which means I already owe Kelkyag a couplet~

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0 thoughts on “Signal Boost Poem – F, G, H?

      • I’d happily do a couple of settings in return for fiction. I’m pretty sure you can bribe other people the same way. 😀

        • *rubs hands together* Well then. How many words per how many characters, do you think? 10 seems too little and 100 seems a bit steep…

          • Stick it somewhere between about 25 and 50 words a character. Alll of your settings would give someone the chance to get at least 100 words if you use 50, but then you have to take Addergoole into consideration. If you split Addergoole into the original story with post apoc and year 9 it might work better at 50 words a character. Otherwise I’d say 25 and make sure that the smaller settings get taken with the bigger ones, giving a better word count.

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