All The Characters – trading help for words

As discussed with [personal profile] moonwolf in this thread here, I could use a character list.

I will write 50/words a character for lists by setting with links:

Vas’ World
Paz (Observe and Report)
Vas (By the Wall)

With the link being their first appearance, bonus points (20 more words) for noteworthy later appearances.

DW links preferred, but some writing only exists in one or the other setting.

Please claim settings below if you are interested. I will start a list here that will X post.

Edited to add: I have set up DW and LJ to allow people who are friended (access list, whathaveyou) to add and alter tags on posts. The format I use is character: shahin (for example), for primary/viewpoint characters of a story.

Aunt Family [personal profile] moonwolf
Unicorn/Factory [personal profile] moonwolf
The Planners [personal profile] moonwolf

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      • Okay. I will tentatively pick up Dragons Next Door, but if someone who has love and attention to give it sooner wants to, by all means they should. If I finish that in a sane amount of time I will see what else still needs doing. Possibly consider letting people doing this add character tags to those stories? I thiiiink there is an option to let people add but not edit/remove tags, but I may be misremembering.

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