[Weightloss] Let’s call it a Mesa, I like that better than Plateau

So, as some of you may recall, one of my goals for the year is to lose 33 lbs over the year.

I was doing pretty okay for January and the first half of February – except that, rather than plateauing the week of my period and then dropping 2 weeks’ worth afterwards, as I did the first time I did this, I just plateaued and then returned to normal (slightly under 1 lb/week) loss afterwards. Rather frustrating, but survivable.

Then Late February into Mid-April happened. Sick, moody, sick, moody, different sort of sick…

…and then I didn’t step on the scale for two or three weeks, during which there were three birthday celebrations and a LARP with Domino’s Pizza.

I am exactly where I was when I last weighed myself (or at least wrote it down) at the end of February.

Okay! So that’s the new starting point. 166.6 (With Oli: 179.2). It’s Thursday, I’ll average every Wednesday.


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