Bus Ride Pre-Giraffe Call

I’m going to be on the bus for um quite a while tomorrow.

So I am opening up a short pre-call Call for things to write while I’m on the bus.

The theme is Identity.

Leave your prompts on this theme, and I will write as many as I can while riding the bus tomorrow!

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0 thoughts on “Bus Ride Pre-Giraffe Call

  1. Yay, travelling! I hope it is fun travelling. Also, much envy for your being able to write on the bus. I’d get carsick. Family and personal identities, with respect to Willard, Rosaria, and Evangaline. Girey figuring out who he is/wants to be/can practically be now that being the crown prince of Bithrain is somewhere beween dangerous, impossible, and irrelevent. Self-hating dwimors.

  2. Figuring out who you are, once you’ve Changed. It’s the person who marries, not the name. Prove you’re not…

  3. The breed change scrolls in Flight Rising have me wondering about changing somebody’s looks or race. Sounds like Tir na Cali stuff!

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