What I want What You Want Fundraiser


What I Want: Djinni is hosting another icon day and, while you all ought to go request an icon, signal boost, and, if you can, tip, I’d also like to get the 24-icon perk, to fill in the holes in my Addergoole and otherwise cast lists.
So I’d like $100 to give to djinni.

I’d also like $50 for foyer accessories, because I really want guest slippers and a nice place to put them, and I’m almost done prepping the foyer to paint. But first is $100 for Djinni.

What You Want: Well, what do you want? I won’t promise to make it canon, but I can write it. Tip me $5 and I’ll write a drabble (250-500 words); tip me $10 and I’ll write you a flash fiction (750-1000 words); if you want more, talk to me and we’ll work something out.

No Matter What the first $30 will be tipped to Djinni for this icon day. If I reach $100, the first $100 will go to Djinni.

This is only open until Wednesday. I will write these things as first priority until they are done – pre-empted only by other things people have already paid me for. <3
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Art by Djinni!
I also take payment by Dwolla

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