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A slightly different sort of prompt request – brainstorming for a submission

I want to write a story for submission based on the theme of identity (I’m working my way through the themes in this textbook, and I’m having trouble coming u with ideas.

Like, staring-at-the-chalkboard nothing’s-coming sort of having trouble.

So, this one-shot call is more like Ysabet’s fishbowls: if I write something based off your prompt, I will send it to you privately before I submit it. I will post one not-going-to-submit idea for free, and then if I’ve managed to get more than two flash fictions out of it, I’ll offer up story-sponsorship options.

But the main point here is to get me something to submit. So: ideas on identity?

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Looking for: Fun prompts, Addergoole-related (#promptcall)

As the topic says 😉 I make no promises on what I will write, except that I’ll probably write at least 50 words to at least one prompt.

If the prompt happens in a timeline that will end up in the Addergoole books (i.e., right now year 5, then maybe 50yearslater), the story may end up in one of those books.

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Now taking three prompts

For a 100-word-or-so fic. Wide open, except it must be in an extant verse of mine.

Anything. I just need to refresh my brain.


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My-Hobbies-Ran-Into-Each-Other-And-I-Blew-My-Gas-Money-Budget Emergency Fundraiser

So, it went like this:

I’m doing NanoWrimo (I think you’ve noticed 😉

While I live in the Ithaca region, the ML (Municipal Liaison, like a regional coordinator & cheerleader) of NY: Elsewhere (i.e., everywhere not covered by a region or without an ML of their own) lives in my attic (long story.)

We do Live-Action Roleplaying twice a month in Elmira (about 30 miles away).

So when I saw that Elmira’s region was without an ML, I said to said atticker, “Hey, we should go to write-ins in Elmira before game.”

Great idea, right, combine two hobbies?

Cue last night, where we got up, had waffles, made pie for game, wrote some words, did some other stuff, packed the car, and went off to the write-in.

Leaving – as I would discover only hours later – my costume for the Live-action game at home.

Not just for any live-action event, but for the fancy dress ball of the year.

Which led to me driving an extra 60 miles, back and forth from Elmira to home.


(I might note: I live in New York, where gas prices are among the highest in the country. Sigh).

Which leads to me, in the middle of nano, offering $2- $3- and $5-commissions for microfic.

Any topic!

Even blowing up Addergoole (though I won’t make that canon, probably).

Maybe even the story of Cynara meeting her mother that I wrote out loud on the way to game.

Maybe even when Junie finds out what she really is.


I will take a total of 10 commissions, and write one/day after my nano wordcount is done for the next 10 days, in the order sent to me.

Gas Money Words
150 words $2.00 USD
250 words $3.00 USD
450 words $5.00 USD

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LAST CALL -Closing at noon EST – What I Want, What You Want

I have opened a What I want What You Want Fundraiser to raise funds to throw at Djinni’s latest Icon Day.

General premise: I want to buy the 24-icon perk. You want fiction (I assume). I will write what you want, whatever it is, for tips.

Click through for more information!

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What I want What You Want Fundraiser


What I Want: Djinni is hosting another icon day and, while you all ought to go request an icon, signal boost, and, if you can, tip, I’d also like to get the 24-icon perk, to fill in the holes in my Addergoole and otherwise cast lists.
So I’d like $100 to give to djinni.

I’d also like $50 for foyer accessories, because I really want guest slippers and a nice place to put them, and I’m almost done prepping the foyer to paint. But first is $100 for Djinni.

What You Want: Well, what do you want? I won’t promise to make it canon, but I can write it. Tip me $5 and I’ll write a drabble (250-500 words); tip me $10 and I’ll write you a flash fiction (750-1000 words); if you want more, talk to me and we’ll work something out.

No Matter What the first $30 will be tipped to Djinni for this icon day. If I reach $100, the first $100 will go to Djinni.

This is only open until Wednesday. I will write these things as first priority until they are done – pre-empted only by other things people have already paid me for. <3
Donate below

Art by Djinni!
I also take payment by Dwolla

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Fishing, Giraffing, and Prompting

  • [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith‘s Poetry Fishbowl is open! The theme is horror: Demons.
  • [personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s Call for Prompts is still open here! No theme; leave a prompt, get a microfic.
  • Next Saturday the 13th of October, I shall open an Electric-Giraffe Call! The theme will be “The Norm”

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Giraffe Call: Spooks, Creeps, Ghosts, and Ghouls

The call for prompts is now Closed!!

open! For the next 24 hours Until I write all the current prompts, I will taking your prompts on the theme of Spooks and Creeps, Ghosts and Ghouls.

I will write (over the next week) at least one microfic (150-300 words) to each prompter. If you donate, I will write to all of your prompts, and write at last 500 additional words for each $5 you donate, to the prompt(s) of your choice.

In addition to the donation incentives below, I have two new incentives:

For every linkback I receive, I will post another 50 words on a story (See the poll for setting here.

I will write, for the story with the most commenters by Friday morning, a piece about that setting.

And, of course, donations are always well-received:

If I reach $35 in donations, I will post an additional 1000-2000-word fic on the subject of the audience’s choice. Reached!

If I reach $65, I will write at least 2 microfics for everyone, whether or not they donated. Reached! Add a second prompt if you haven’t already!!

If I reach $95, I will write to every prompt I get in the next 24 hours – if something truly bugs me, I’ll ask you to re-prompt (or a third prompt to each prompter). At this point, please allow up to 2 weeks for the writing to be completed. REACHED!!!

If I reach $120, I will record a podcast of an audience-choice story and post it for everyone to read. Also, everyone who tipped will get double wordcount.

If I reach $150, I will release an e-book of all of the fiction written to this call and the last one. At this point, please allow up to 4 weeks for the writing to be completed.

I’m still saving up for the giraffe carpet, which will be installed the first week of October November (still can’t find a plumber)!

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Fill my momentary lack of inspiration

I’m having a moment with 212 words left to fill wordcount for the day and nothing is thrilling.

First person to suggest something – a pairing, a scene, a flavour – will get that 212 words on that topic.

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