Preliminary market research

If I were to write a Completely Different sort of sexy/kinky fantasy serial (Separate from Steam-Goats, promise), what are the top three things you’d like to see in such a serial?

What would you LEAST want to see in that story?

What setting would you like for such a story?

If your answer is “but I wouldn’t read erotic serials,” that’s okay, too.

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  1. Preferably? Happy Fun Tymez Bondage, or at least informed consent for rougher play, or master-slave relationships where the power imbalance is at least moderated to be less cruel. Least want to see? Non-consensual No Way Out slavery and coercion. Especially against young teens or children. The entire state of Tir-Na-Cali can die in a fire, and earthquakes, and even more fire..

  2. Minus above disdain for my favorite setting… What about a class-rigid society where propriety and fetishes are ingrained differently. A take on a Victorian or Edwardian style class structure that need not necessarily be period and may or may not be Steamy Punky in nature. Classicism. Plus Airships. Plus Kink (beyond contemporary thought of fetishized sense of fashion). Slavery need not occur at all, though class-burdening to the point where it is so all but in the letter of the law is certainly worthwhile.

    • And maybe a little supernatural, but more in the unknowable unknown sense of things… not as dark and Cthulianic necessarily, but a subtle edge of something just beyond awareness. Weird things happen. People know they happen. People try their best to ignore them overtly but are aware of them and do things to prevent falling prey. Not even nearly as overt as Welcome to Night Vale (though I will not lie that is where this thought came from at least to some extent), but more serious than putting cream and bread out for the fair ones.

  3. Something with mutual affection and reasonably construed consent, at least between the partners we’re supposed to like/be attached to?

  4. Having given it some thought… Wants: * Consent. Some testing of boundaries but with the consent of both sides (and consequences if there isn’t) * Characters that evolve over the course of the story * I like KC’s idea of perhaps bringing in social class or caste for any power imbalances — but let’s have some characters who violate these norms. Not the ever popular, “This is an ____ist society but our viewpoint character will advocate the current popular view of ____ism,” but putting some characters in places where success will require bending or breaking those norms and then dealing with the consequences good or ill of doing so. Least Wants: * “Hey farm boy, guess what you need to save the world if not the universe. Next tuesday work for you?” The bog standard tropes in general, but how about a nice save the neighborhood or town or simply some specific characters/places/items instead of, “You fail and the world ends.” * Graphically described violence — even if my mind will probably fill in worse if left to fill in the gaps. * A clear black and white, “These people living over here are the good people, and across the river are the evil people.” (Brian Jacques I’m looking right at you and your character Veil as I write this). Random thoughts: * I like twisted expectations, so long as they don’t confuse too long before getting some detail. * I liked the architecture description in the other post! * Places have history, it’s nice when that gets pulled in to make things more three dimensional (or, when you have something like Steve Gallicci’s Albedo universe where the realization that they lack history, that the homeworld’s cities appeared to simply popped into being with no past, effected events after that discovery).

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