My-Hobbies-Ran-Into-Each-Other-And-I-Blew-My-Gas-Money-Budget Emergency Fundraiser

So, it went like this:

I’m doing NanoWrimo (I think you’ve noticed 😉

While I live in the Ithaca region, the ML (Municipal Liaison, like a regional coordinator & cheerleader) of NY: Elsewhere (i.e., everywhere not covered by a region or without an ML of their own) lives in my attic (long story.)

We do Live-Action Roleplaying twice a month in Elmira (about 30 miles away).

So when I saw that Elmira’s region was without an ML, I said to said atticker, “Hey, we should go to write-ins in Elmira before game.”

Great idea, right, combine two hobbies?

Cue last night, where we got up, had waffles, made pie for game, wrote some words, did some other stuff, packed the car, and went off to the write-in.

Leaving – as I would discover only hours later – my costume for the Live-action game at home.

Not just for any live-action event, but for the fancy dress ball of the year.

Which led to me driving an extra 60 miles, back and forth from Elmira to home.


(I might note: I live in New York, where gas prices are among the highest in the country. Sigh).

Which leads to me, in the middle of nano, offering $2- $3- and $5-commissions for microfic.

Any topic!

Even blowing up Addergoole (though I won’t make that canon, probably).

Maybe even the story of Cynara meeting her mother that I wrote out loud on the way to game.

Maybe even when Junie finds out what she really is.


I will take a total of 10 commissions, and write one/day after my nano wordcount is done for the next 10 days, in the order sent to me.

Gas Money Words
150 words $2.00 USD
250 words $3.00 USD
450 words $5.00 USD

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