Nanowrimo – First and Last Lines

First Line of Yesterday: “Ha. Yes, Enerenarie, Tairiekie is a very good student, and very clever, of course. But she is still, in the end, a first-year Pupil.”

Last Line: “Well, you’re not used to the weather here.”

(I know. But I was really tired)

3,808 words, bringing the total to 23,089

Nano Par for yesterday: 11,667. My Par: 14,000. My walking goal: 21,281

(the walking goal is 2000 above the total the day before)

At this rate, I will finish on Nov 16th
Except I have a skip day on Nov. 9th, so I’ll finish on Nov. 17th 😉
(and it’s going to be longer than 54000, I’m afraid)

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