Positions A through “Speak,” a drabble of Addergoole post-apoc

After Present.

Um, this was supposed to be kink but turned out to be a little disturbing.

Post-apoc Addergoole, Mike VanderLinden


The boy fell to his knees, looking at the floor. His face wasn’t so much slack as it was carefully without expression. The only way Mike could find anything in him was to read his emotions.

“Good boy. Pose A.”

With just as little expression, he shifted his body, arms folded behind his back, forehead down to the ground. It rose his ass up in the air beautifully. Mike had used that, on occasion, over the last couple weeks.

“That’s a good boy. Fours, Pose B.”

As if he was doing a dance, the boy – Laudanum, he had a name, and it would do Mike good to remember it – shifted his ass um, his hands to the ground, until he was straight-backed and perfectly posed in that position.

“Stand on your head.” Mike was feeling a little bit silly.

Laudanum was not. He kicked his feet up, over, caught himself on the wall and managed a nearly-perfect handstand.

“You’re a very good boy. Come down, and at ease.” It was easy to say at ease. There was something about Laudanum that made it a lot harder to be at ease. “Come down.” Mike patted her lap, and, obediently, as always, the boy pillowed his head there. “You’re a lovely boy.”

The boy said nothing.

“Speak freely.”

“Mistress?” He tilted his head to look at her. “Thank you, Mistress, but… freely? About what? I don’t know what you’d want me to speak on. I don’t know what would make you happy.”

“It was not an order, Laudanum.” She stroked his hair. “It was an offer. To speak about whatever pleased you.”

The boy pursed his lips. A moment later, and clearly, even without her power, obviously uncomfortable, he tried something else. His voice, she noted, cracked. It usually did, actually.

“I prefer to remain quiet, Mistress. It… it pleases me to be quiet.”

And there, there was what made it hard to be at ease.

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