Piano on the Seashore, slow-start-to-the-day writing exercise

I was brainfarting so I asked for prompts. Here’s SkySailor’s.

Bracken has shown up a few times.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.”

“What are we doing?”

Nick followed behind Bracken, because, after all, that was what he did. But he had this puzzled look on his face that was echoed in the set of his shoulders and the tone of his voice.

“We’re doing that thing, you know, in all the music videos…” She tilted her head at him. “You remember music videos, right?”

“I’m older than you.”

“I know. By like decimal points. That doesn’t mean you remember things that happened in the middle.”

“Yes, I remember music videos. Bracken…”

“Almost there.” She gave the dolly one last shove and then muttered a Working, pushing the repaired piano onto the beach.

“Is this why you’ve been sneaking off to Addergoole for the last few months?”

“It’s hardly sneaking when I have to ask you to teleport me.” She owned one dress. She could repair anything – she could repair everything – but she’d had to go out of her way to find herself a proper dress.

She sat down at her piano, the waves just lapping at her bare feet, in her cocktail dress that revealed more of her than anyone but her lovers saw. She sat down, put her fingers on the keys, and she played.

Some time later, Nick no longer looking remotely confused, they recreated the other part of those iconic music videos. The surf felt like another caress as it washed over their skin.

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