First and Last Lines!

First line of yesterday: Valran envied ri; he certainly wasn’t enjoying anything at all right now

Last Line of yesterday: Before she could do anything except exactly that, he had pulled the cord, loosing a flood of cold water onto them both.

(Then there was Day of the Doctor, and then the DOCTOR showed up… and that was all the writing.)

2061 words on Inner Circle yesterday, bringing the total to 14,972; that brings All The Nano Words up to 75,627.


Setting notes:
They appear to wear Grecian-style clothing. Relatively warm climate? But not overly warm. Where do they get fabric/fiber?
Must find places where rock is commonly quarried in the U.S. for reasons.

Two books in a row without females-as-weaker/gender-insults is very interesting (no calling someone a bitch, f’rinstance)

If I have a gendered-neutral honorific, maybe I should make gendered-honorifics as well? Rather than using Sir and ma’am.

I should list out specifically feminine, masculine, and neuterine suffixes.

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  1. Maine is known for granite quarries. We have good solid bedrock. Been used in important buildings, and curbstones (because granite stands up to snowplows better than asphalt). Some quarries are on islands! This may or may not be due to glaciers scraping off that topsoil stuff, not sure. Or just plate tectonics. We also have lots of random boulders lying about, because when glaciers melt they leave behind things in odd places.

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