First and Last Words: Yesterday

First Line of Yesterday was a whole paragraph: His hands worked quickly enough that Taslin had only reached for a washrag before Vinroth had already sponged her off, getting the soap off her body and scrubbing carefully at a few raw places where she’d gotten sand embedded in cuts.

(Vinroth needs a better name, I don’t like that one).

Last line of the night: “I think I’m just going to tell you to say ‘what the fuck?’ because it will sound less absurd than continuing to say ‘ma’am’ when what you clearly mean is the other.”

I wrote 2035 words yesterday, bringing the IC total to 17,007 and the total total to 77,662.


I also spelled granddaughter “granddather.” Twice.
And I accidentally played with a trope, which was fun.

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