First and Last Words: In which I am stretching these chapter titles

(Chapter titles are imperative verbs: Kneel, Duck, Thrust, Come, Hold, Choose, Agree. Each title covers two chapters, one from each POV (there are two protagonists with parallel but different stories), and is the first word of that chapter.)
(It’s either really dumb or really clever or both)

First Lines: Laces were laced, buttons were buttoned. The tunic was deceptive in its simplicity; if it weren’t embroidered in monk’s-tears, she could wear it under armor in the ring.

Last Lines: “For a year.”

“A year is enough. They’ll

(I was having trouble getting to sleep, okay? 😉

21201 words on Inner Circle, bringing it to 81,856 total words.

At this rate, I should be able to get to 25,000 by the end of tomorrow. (84K total)

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