Auction Item: Any House (Former Name)

“Who’s that?” Topzetryien pointed at the painting on the wall; the stairs of the dormitory tower were lined with portraits, but several were larger than others. This one, this one had a place of honor and a frame a handspan wide, gilded and trimmed and carved in scrolls and faces.

“Oh, [NAME HERE]?” Dimyezze was in her fifth year at Edally and had appointed herself tour guide for the first-year students. “The Tower was named for [HIM/HER] originally, back in the day when it was just towers. Sometimes you’ll still catch people calling the House [NAME] House.”

“What did [NAME HERE] do?”

What did [NAME HERE] do? You tell me! Bid here or here.

My naming rights auction – main post here is still going strong. Don’t you want to be a part of my world?

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