Auction Item: Head of Mechanics House

The Head of the Mechanics’ and Engineers’ House stood at the front of the hall; it was the first day of classes, and Gaikvya was standing in a crowd with Pizhraa and Kelmoor, her teammates, staring at the person on the dais.

“Welcome to Mechanics and Engineering.” [NAME HERE]’s voice boomed across the hall. “Where you will learn the basic building blocks of not only the world, but of society itself.”
Gaikvya put a hand over her mouth. [NAME HERE] was impressive, true, but every Head of House today had sad something similar.

Of course, she was in this House, so she was a little more favorably inclined towards [NAME HERE].

Tell me all about [NAME HERE]! Bid here to name and describe this characer.

My naming rights auction – main post here is still going strong. Don’t you want to be a part of my world?

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