Last words of Last Night – the Addergoole Re-Write Project

I am so close to the end of this I can smell the panic.

Currently working on the Bonus Stories, which in this case are origins of the school’s three founders.

Last line:

He didn’t even know if he could drown.

I have written 4,105 words on Addergoole (and 1,609 words of “other that counts”) so far this month; goals for the end of yesterday were 3,750 and 850 respectively.


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0 thoughts on “Last words of Last Night – the Addergoole Re-Write Project

  1. What are you going to do with it when it’s re-written? Repost as a serial, ebook, keep it to yourself and go ‘muahaha’ at all the poor saps who don’t know the new canon?

      • Paper books are pretty easy, though it depends on how nice you want the typesetting to be and what you want in terms of arts.

        • Paper books are new territory, so they’re a little scary. I have an image in my head for the art that keeps the general idea of “symbolic/graphic cover” that seems to work well for e-books and looks pretty on print books to. OTOH, I sort of want my original ideas for covers (Far more complicated) as posters.

          • It helps to think of the paper book as art project time: you’re making a pretty paper thing that happens to have your story inside, like an origami crane with a poem.

              • Your basic print on demand company will take a lot of the choices involved away from you – paper weight, cover stock. You’re left with fonts, cover, interior design, interior arts, and even then there will probably be restrictions if you’re going for something that automates a lot of it, like Smashwords or whatever it’s called. Restrictions are good, in a way – they mean less choices to fiddle with.

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