Archive | March 7, 2014

Food Log 3/6

So, treadmill. need better shoes. Possibly just better socks, but good shoes couldn’t hurt.

Tax refund! I can spend ~10% of my Federal refund on sneakers, I think, and put the rest towards misc. house expenses.

On the other hand, I can speed walk for a short short time at 5 MPH.


Coffee (standard)
Half a doughnut (sour cream, very tasty)
Salad (with a bit of dressing, look Kelkyag look)
Two slices of deli-platter sandwich
Gym, treadmill, intense (ow)
Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs w/ veggies (look again Kelkyag look)
Coooookies (Chocolate Chip)

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