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Um whoops… food logs from Friday through monday <.

Coffee,as per normal
Coco multigrain pop cake, x3
Pad Thai Tofu
Gym – 1/2 hour elliptical
1/3 c couscous – 1
Fish sticks – 5
T tartar sauce- 1
Pie – Apple, crumble top

Diner food – quesadilla, 1/2 order mozz sticks, 1/2 milkshake
Cheese & crackers w/ summer sausage

Cheese & crackers
Gumbo & rice
Cookies – chocolate chip

Coffee as per normal
Milk, Skim
egg salad w/ lettuce
corn crisps
Milk, 2%, 1/2c, w/ Ovaltine 1T

Gym – 1/2 hour elliptical

Fried chicken with veggies


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The Answer is No, a vignette

This takes place sometime during the “sign-up” phase of the Addergoole project – ~mid-to-late 1970’s. It was written in response to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s comment here.

Addergoole has a landing page here

“Take part in a Grigori breeding project? What are you, nuts?”

Regine had been anticipating responses like that; it was one reason (although not in any way close to her primary reason – they were her crew, and the closest thing to friends she had) that her team consisted of not just a Grigori, but a Mara and a Daeva as well.

She had not truly been anticipating the next rejection she received.

“Wait, you’re trying to breed more half-breeds? Why would you do that?”

“The term half-breed is certainly problematic, but it’s the term most commonly in use right now…”

“Forget terminology!” The man talking to her was… scruffy. He was the closest thing to a hobo Regine had ever seen in an Ellehemaei, and he had a body odor that was hard to ignore. “I’m talking about the way these kids’ll be treated!”

“They’ll have a full, extensive education with well-qualified professors and Mentors. They’ll receive every benefit a full-blooded child could hope for…”

“Except that they’ll be half-breeds. You might not know what it’s like, lady, with your perfect Grigori everything, but most of the full-blooded true Ellehemaei out there, they hate my kind.”

He had not dropped his Mask; now he did, revealing what Regine already knew, shaggy doglike ears and a jawline shaped more like a muzzle. “No, thank you. If I’m going to sire any kids, I’ll either do it with humans so human the kid’ll never Change, or if I find a fae that will have me, with purebloods so the kid’ll have a better chance than his dad.”


“The answer is no, madam. I’d rather starve.”

Regine was left staring at his tail as he left. She was fairly certain he would not have listened nor consented even if she had managed to get out her last sentence.

But I’m trying to change the view of half-breeds in society.

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