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So I went through episode descriptions for the first 10 seasons of CSI…

And then x-referenced against my/T’s memory of Bones and mine of Leverage.
Um. I’m gonna need a longer month.
(one * per show we could find/remember it in)

(this is in re <– that post for Campnano)

Just a limb found *
Attack on a member of the team (finale)
Amish *
Fetish death **
Mistaken Identity *
Body Farm **
Magic Show*
Classical Music*
Rock Music **
Rap/Hip Hop/R&B Music**
Guitar Camp*
AU Episode*
Murder is suicide or suicide is murder *
Garbage dump*
Body Mod *
Officer Down **
Really gross decomp**
Home Invasions*
Buried Alive **
Juror Murder/tampering/etc.**
no-money game tournament (scrabble, chess, etc)***
Marathon *
Looks supernatural **
Mental institution * (the older/creepier the better)
Crop Circles*
Sci-fi Convention **

People involve:
Crazy Cat Lady*
Cheerleader/High school Sports*
Psychic **
Sex change*
Flight Attendant** (on a plane?)*
Deaf *

Family of a team member involved***

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Camp Nano: Help me Plan!

Okay, so I’ve been tossing an idea around for ages and I’ve decided (it was @inventrix’s fault 😉 to make a go at if for April CampNano.

Basic idea: Every Crime Procedural, every Medical Show, every Serious Detective Show (maybe not those; I don’t watch those) seems to go through a series of episodes – there’s The Bondage Episode, the Furry Episode (Bones combined those into the pony play episode), the little people episode, the wrestling episode (Bones, again, combined those into little people wrestling), the Hoarders episode… and so on.

What I need:

A list of episodes.

A cast, or ideas about a cast.

A hook. I’m thiiiinking it’s urban fantasy, but not absolutely certain.

Ideas for takes on those types of episodes.


(Eta: looking at writing either 4-10,000-word episodes or 8-5,000-word orrr 6-6,667-word episodes, at least to begin with.)

(Eta2: @pritchmr – this is a cool webiste with tons of TV tropes )

Episode Idea List
computer hacker
government conspiracy
non-government conspiracy (Illuminati)
crazy house party gone wrong
missing child
serial killer
Buried treasure
supernatural problem is actually a frame-up
[Supernatural] critters gone rabid/feral
– Something that started or happened a long time ago (e.g. something triggered by someone trying to retrieve the loot from a famous crime, or finding a dead body long after the death and having to figure out what happened)
– What looks like a murder turns out to be an accident in the end.
cross-cultural misunderstanding gone horribly awry
operating in unfamiliar territory (possibly not useful for such a short run)
lying to protect the actual guilty/responsible party
being from some other world

Urban Fantasy Episodes Idea List
The Werewolves
The Fae

Cast Ideas
the nerdy one,
the pretty one,
the sassy/snarky one,
the pragmatic/”brawn” one,
the smart but quiet one.
Kid genius (Shut up, Wesley!) – why not a girl kid genius for once? Need not be obnoxious.
unstable personality in some way
roll “the pretty one” and “the brawny one” togther into the rogue/acrobat/cat burgler; have the obvious combat heavy be a gunbunny or spellslinger.
the pet or mascot
the “pet” is the mentor.
the student/apprentice with common sense the teacher lacks.
the charismatic one (sometimes overlaps with the con man?).
the anti-bureaucrat (the one who can find records and cut red tape).
the nosy reporter.
the one who has a fling-of-the-week
the steady couple (trio, …)

UF Cast Ideas
a witch/wizard,
a vampire,
a werewulf or an ordinary human who turns into a werewulf at some point,
an ordinary human,
someone in a mentor role

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