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Patreon Serial Episode One: The Werewolf Episode, Part I

“…right behind Carl Anderson’s house, there, next to that eyesore of a pool that he put in last year.” Tom Esker was a very tidy white man, maybe in his mid-forties, wearing a polo shirt and chinos, pleats perfectly pressed, while he stood in his living room and kvetched about werewolves….

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Camp Nano April 2014 – First and Last Words of yesterday & Wordcount

First Line of Yesterday:
“No way.” Holly stared at the screen.

Last Line of Yesterday:
“Tighty whities, I’m so disappointed.”

“Oh, don’t act like you’re surprised. Besides, they fit better.”

I wrote: 2027 words of Episodes yesterday, bringing my total (unsurprisingly) to 2027.
My target for yesterday was 1818; I am aiming for 40,000 over the 22 weekdays of the month.

So far so good!

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Episodes Cast List – **Names Needed Please**

Okay, you guys have 24 hours to help me name these guys.

You’ve met Holly needs-a-last-name here: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/699732.html; she’s the Hacker

The Mentor: David needs-last-name
This gentleman stands just over 6′ tall. He looks to be in his early 60’s, just about retirement age.
He’s African-American, with dark brown skin; he keeps his hair cropped short, and the temples have gone white. He has smile lines, and worry lines, and little lines around his eyes. He likes to joke that he’s “older than he looks,” and it’s true; he has fae blood and is pushing 80.
He started this team as a one-man job in 1990, soon after the Surge (When magic started becoming terrifyingly common). It started when he watched the burgeoning social problems rising in the new magic-using and magic-being population, and sought to head off new racial tension issues before they could become entrenched.
He has a paternal protectiveness over the team and tends towards firm-but-kind management.

The Entry Specialist First-name Markov
This woman is slender and barely over 5′ tall. She has avoided sun her whole life and thus doesn’t quite look her early-40’s age. She’s got a dancer’s build, with wild ginger hair and an irrepressible smile. Her great-grandmother on one side was an immigrant from (undecided: Russia, or one of the Scandinavian countries), as was her grandfather on the other side. She was raised by her grandmother and an uncle when her mother realized she was deaf and refused to deal.
She was sliding into tight spaces and opening doors that could not be open before she graduated from high school; she has a fondness for “collecting” magical items. She wasn’t so much recruited as she informed The Mentor that he was going to hire her.

The Talker: Sônia McDonald–Desjardins
This woman appears to be in her mid-twenties. She comes from mixed ancestry- Brazilian on her mother’s side and considerably-mixed-Canadian-mutt on her father’s side – and has deep brown skin, black hair, and high cheekbones out of the mix. She stands a little taller than the Entry Specialist, about 5’6″ tall, and is very slender; she wears her hair cropped short and androgynous and likes to dress in a gender-ambiguous manner.
She has been a puma-shifter since she was bitten as a young child (two years after the surge), and is actually just about the age she appears. She was working as a lobbyist when the Mentor recruited her, after a 4-year polysci degree. She is bright, she is beautiful, but most of all she is immensely charismatic and a social chameleon.

The Hitter
Tentatively named Ted Connor.
Teddy is The New Guy. He’s only been working for the team for about a month; he is a job-bouncer, and the Mentor is not entirely certain he’s the best man for the job, but he has several qualities which could, with the right handling, make him a valuable member of the team.
He’s 5’10” tall, muscular, with very-short-cropped curly sandy brow hair, an upturned nose, and a light smattering of freckles, which he hates – his primary ancestry is Irish, with a bit of French and English thrown in for good measure.
He did his 4 years in the Army right out of high school, and in the two years since then has tried at least 6 jobs. He has EMT and combat medic training, and has worked as a security specialist and bodyguard, as well as as a personal trainer, nurse-assistant, and security guard.

Support staff to follow in the next few days.

The team also needs a name!

P.s. They’re an extralegal team devoted to dealing with/researching/defusing situations/possible crimes involving magic users, magical creatures, and fuzzy grey zones of law. I think Mentor and Talker probably do some lobbying work, too.
P.P.S. The First Surge – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population_milestones#The_Day_of_5_billion

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Character Sketch One for Episodes: The Hacker

The kid Genius/Hacker/cleric
Holly (needs a last name)

No, sorry, it’s not like that. But if you can show me proof to the contrary, I’ll consider it.

Holly is a voracious consumer of knowledge in all its forms, and has been her entire short life.

Nineteen as the story starts, she was sat on her parents’ laps in front of computers at the tender age of four, and has been at a keyboard ever since.

She denies claims that she’s a prodigy, despite the fact that she is working towards her doctorate in robotics at the moment.

She found fandom and cosplay very early, coming by it honestly – her parents having taken her to Darkovercon when she was 2 months old. She enjoys anime as well as many of the modern sci-fi/fantasy TV shows, writes fanfic in her spare time, and has a vibrant social life online.

She identifies as bisexual but has yet to find someone who she values enough, whose sexuality lines up properly with hers, to engage in anything further than necking with IRL.

She maintains several discrete identities online and three IRL, not counting her forays into MMORPGs.

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“The ** Episodes” Thoughts, and trimmed lists

So, I think The Team aren’t straight-out police, they’re extralegal, consultants, whathaveyou.

Episode List, trimmed
Werewolf/Mistaken Identity
The Fae/Something that looks supernatural
Just a limb found/Rock music
Circus/Officer Down
Something from the Past / Buried alive
Ghosts/really gross decomp
Cult/??/Crop circles/?
Fetish Death/ ?
Mental institution/?
High School Sports/Monks
Attack on a member of the team/ Sci-fi convention
Not sure how or what with to pair the ones ending in /?
Season length? 4-10 episodes?

Cast, Trimmed
there’s going to be 5. But.
The Kid Genius (hacker)(female)/the cleric
The hitter/werewulf?
The mentor
The pretty one/fae blood
The secret
the sassy/snarky one
The rude one who gets things done (possibly also hitter)
The NEW One

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