January’s Bingo Card!

And now I have this:

a favorite place promises made nightmares outnumbered love at first sight
a cunning plan [knowledge] management hallucinations /visions [honor]
[test/exam] [flirting] [PICK ANYTHING] [youth] innocent
unwelcome guest [fast & loose] betrayal friendship exhaustion


victim sports & games [a crowd] [gravity] holy place
holy, holy

from [community profile] origfic_bingo

And this is what I’m going to do:

Pick a square, and give me a prompt with that as a theme. I.e., Promises Broken, Junie and her teacher.

First prompt will get written; after that I’m going to go for a Bingo, so prompts that are within a line of the first prompt are more likely to get written.

Squares that have been prompted to will be [bolded and bracketed] (if there’s two prompts, it’ll also be italicized); squares that have been written will have a link. Please feel free to prompt any square, even those filled.

I will post at least the first BINGO.

If you tip, I will write to at least two of your prompts; I will also write you a continuation of your choice at the giraffe call rate of $1/100 Words

For every $20 received in tips, I will post another line of BINGO written.

All the Words!
100 Words $1.00 USD 300 Words $3.00 USD 500 Words $5.00 USD 750 Words $7.50 USD 1000 Words $10.00 USD 1500 Words $14.00 USD 2000 Words $18.00 USD 1750 Words $17.00 USD

(I am likely to write many more of the squares from last month still as well!)

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0 thoughts on “January’s Bingo Card!

  1. Friendship: Jin and Jimmy. Maybe introducing Bianna? (What does a dragon wear as a groomsman? But that’s assuming much and jumping too far forward.)

  2. I’d like to see Outnumbered end positively for those on the less numerous side. I actually think that your post-appoc series about Barem, I think it is, and his household of women and children is heading towards a larger group attacking… and loosing.

  3. One Sharp Mother would be what I was thinking of, though it had been so long since I’d read it I wasn’t sure of the name at all. Thanks!

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