A Summary of Recent Writing

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Feedback Requested

Meme – pick-a-pairing
Fill in the Blank 1
Fill in the Blank 2
Giraffe Call Perks


February is World Building Month
Day 31 – Fae Apoc

March is Women’s History Month
Day 1 – Shahin
Day 2 – Kai
Day 4 – Rin
Day 5 – Regine


Character Sketch One – The Hacker
Cast List and Episodes Lists
A Start

Dragons Next Door
Biting the Foot

The Answer is No
These are Not the Things You’re Noticing

Fae Apoc-ish
With Words Like Magic

New Setting
A Place Description

Untangling Knots
The Language of the Strands

FanFic, Really?
The Collar Job Part X
The Collar Job Part XI
The Collar Job, Deleted Scene
The Collar Job Part XII

Addergoole/Criminal Minds Xover

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