Looking for: Fun prompts, Addergoole-related (#promptcall)

As the topic says 😉 I make no promises on what I will write, except that I’ll probably write at least 50 words to at least one prompt.

If the prompt happens in a timeline that will end up in the Addergoole books (i.e., right now year 5, then maybe 50yearslater), the story may end up in one of those books.

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0 thoughts on “Looking for: Fun prompts, Addergoole-related (#promptcall)

  1. Someone tries a Working for invisibility, and it goes hilariously wrong. SNAFUs with clothing/headgear/shoes due to some physical aspect of a change. Preferably snafus not related to tails or wings, I think those have been covered (to death in RPs anyway ;-D ) -capriox

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