Camp Nano – the End!

The Last Line of my Camp Nano – “That was yours? Pretty freaking creepy.”

I got through, let’s see: two almost-stories of Episodes, 25,788 words. And in Addergoole, 5 chapters and one interlude, including two double-length Hell Night Chapters – 14,921 words.

My Camp Nano total on my own numbers was 40,079 – on the validation, it was 100 words more. I’ll take it!

This was not a particularly good Nano for me. I didn’t ~finish~ anything, I outlined only passably, and I lost interest in my first project halfway through. I had a bunch of bad days and wrote far less regularly than I wanted to.

But! I got through it, I did a couple semi-marathon days, thanks in large part to @nanowordsprints on twitter, and I finished without modifying my goal!

Total April Word Count: 40,584 words.

On to May!

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