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Luke and Doug through the Years – a Commission
But Why – a vignette of the Addergoole project, with discussion in comments
Contract – an Outtake of Year Nine
Moth to the Flame – Yr47 – There are Changes it is dangerous to Keep.
Unrepentant – A Fragment of Boom (Doomsday, Yr??40s??) – Cya never did go looking for her former Keeper
@Inventrix’s Continuation
Filthy – Yr19 – she shows up filthy from the war
Balancing Lazy – Segenam/Roanna et al, a continuation
Can’t You See, yr 36 – a Working goes awry

Paying, Foward Baram’s Elves: Jaelie and Wish visit Addergoole

The Destruction of the Gods – Fae Apoc

Lastborn – a very short story

Three Glass Beads, Peacock-Blue – a story of Aunt Family

The Collar Job, Part XIII (Tír na Cali/Leverage Fanfic – Slavers steal Eliot)

12 Days of Writing: a Subplot

A Deletion (K Orion Fray’s Writing Prompts)
A Conversation (K Orion Fray’s Writing Prompts)

Escape from Rochester (Camp Nano July ’14 Project – Character Profiles)
Profile 1: Lewis
(and roommate Rob, girl Annelle, Oak & Rowan group, Tuesday night D&D)
Profile 2: Emmett
(and Friday night Shadowrun, Jo & Cadey, Annelle’s Samhain party)
Profile 3: Jennifer Walker
(with Rob & Lewis)
Profile 4: Jordan Taylor (with Anelle, Jo & Cady)
Profile 5: Mary Dorian Smithsen (With Terry, Anelle, Oak & Rowan group)

Feedback Requested

Pondering a Serial – Donation/Review inventives
Camp Nano – July Project Brainstorming
looking for THEMES – for an experimental Giraffe #promptcall

Life in These Finger Lakes

Wine, & Then Some More Wine
Sunday’s Dinner
Garden Progress Pictures – Week One

Does this always smell like this,” the adventures of Lyn’s nose
“Does this always smell like this,” the adventures of Lyn’s nose, weekend edition

Recipe Log: Salmon Potato Cakes
Recipe Log: Chocolate chocolate-chip mini muffins

5 Recent Happy Things

Writing Process

A scribbled outline

Fae Apoc Live

This project follows the apoc through a series of news articles, tweets, blog posts, and stories. It will be “real-time,” just three years off.

Psychic Stories
The Psychic Wakes
Drawing Circles

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