Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 6

Jason Walker
Media Arts & Technology

Jason is the music. He’s known so all his life. He feels the music in ways that nobody else seems to understand; he can compose songs which seem to change people’s emotional state, seem to change the weather, sometimes, if he hits just the right note.

It’s not your typical psychic power – at least, it’s not something he’d ever heard anyone else talk about. He assumed, back in high school, that it was “just” a talent with music and lyrics, nothing “special.”

Then he saw a poster for the Oak & Rowan group, and things started becoming a little more clear to him. He was expecting a bunch of new-age mumbo-jumbo, but figured it was at least good for meeting new people. What he got was Jo, who ran the group, sitting down in private with him and having a two-hour conversation about the forces of the world.

There was no question after that: he kept coming back to Oak & Rowan. He met Craig there, who liked to pretend to be a werewolf on the weekends but, more importantly, who played the guitar and the violin, and Craig introduced him to Raven, and that’s how he ended up at Raven’s group, drinking beer out in the swamp on Thursdays and passing around an old guitar.

Jason is tallish and pretty, 5’11” and skinny, with blue-black hair in curls just past his chin and blue-green eyes. He’s paler than his hair color would suggest, and prettier than his near-gauntness would seem to allow.

When he’s not making music, he’s a big fan of climbing things – the taller, the better.

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  1. A composer, eh? Does he play anything? Sounds like guitar, given that’s what they were passing around?

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