Trip-tripping through the Apoc, a short story of Fae Apoc for the Giraffe Call.

I asked for prompts regarding mushrooms here for The MicroPrompt Giraffe Call. This is written to KC OBrien’s Prompt here and is set in the post-apoc of my Fae Apoc ‘verse.

Eating the ‘shrooms before dinner had seemed like a brilliant idea at the time.

Cliff blinked again at the television. He thought they’d been watching the news – what was Godzilla doing rampaging through downtown?

It had seemed like a really good idea; then again, most things Skyler suggested seemed like good ideas at the time. “Come on, family dinners are boring. I mean, your family’s dinners are boring. Mine are just hell. And I got these really awesome ‘shrooms from Emerson Roan.”

“Maaan….” And that had been all it took. To be fair, Emerson Roan always had the best everything.

Now… Now Clifford was trying to act natural, which wasn’t easy on a normal trip, while across the table Skyler was laughing. Of course, Skyler couldn’t see the tv.

Finally, Cliff caught sight of his father’s face, and the nervous look his little sister was wearing. He swallowed, and decided that Godzilla attacking downtown was worth clarifying, even if maybe it got him in trouble. “Did… did you change the channel?”

“No.” His father was looking even paler. “No, this is still the news.”

“Did I just see…”

“It was a dinosaur,” his little sister informed him. Beatrice enjoyed informing everyone of everything. “But dinosaurs are all gone.”

“Oh.” Cliff stuffed some food in his face to give himself a moment.

“This isn’t right.” His mother had been quiet; his mother was almost always quiet, unless Cliff was in trouble. Now, he looked at her. “Dino-” His fork clattered to the floor.

It had to be the mushrooms. It had to be the ‘shrooms. Because otherwise, on top of Godzilla downtown… Cliff’s mother had turned into a copper-skinned elf.

Tip ‘Shroom 😉

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  1. Congratulations, my young friend. It seems that your family are fae and that not all of you are Faded.

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