Terroir… a story of Fae post-apoc for the Giraffe Call

I asked for prompts regarding mushrooms here for The MicroPrompt Giraffe Call. This is written to Kelkyag’s Prompt here and is set in the post-apoc of my Fae Apoc ‘verse.

It goes with Fairy Rings
and Fairy Ring Shortcuts, probably before both

“It’s terroir,” Nacelle explained. “‘A sense of place.’ It’s what gets into the plants – or, in this case, the fungi – and changes everything.”

She tossed out a half-dozen mushrooms. They all looked similar: white button mushrooms. When there had been grocery stores, these had been in every store. “So, these are what the circles are made of, right?”

Babbit had been Bronn’s apprentice, of sorts. Now the little rabbit was Nacelle’s apprentice. “Right. The circles are just little mushrooms, nothing important. Wait, are you harvesting the mushrooms from the circles?”

“No. Not exactly. What I did was arrange for an extra quarter-circle of fungi at each location. And then…” She sliced into the mushrooms and offered up a few samples to the rabbit. “Then, we taste. And when we taste, we can see, or rather smell and taste…”

“Terroir.” Babbit nodded. “And use that…. to navigate the fairy circles?”

“Well.” Nacelle flapped her wings. “Unlike you and Bronn, I’m not a dirt creature.”

“And yet you’re navigating via dirt.”

Tip ‘Shroom 😉

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