Like Wolves, a story for the Giraffe Call

I asked for prompts regarding Circles here for The MicroPrompt Giraffe Call. This is written to Clare’s Prompt here and is set in the post-apoc of my Fae Apoc ‘verse.

They were circling like wolves.

Jenna had gotten her back to a tree, but that wasn’t going to do her much good at all if they attacked. She glanced up: no branches within easy reach. She looked around – they were circling, still. They would get sick of that, soon, and close in for the kill.

The kill. Funny how the word galvanized one. The lowest branch wasn’t all that high up… or maybe she could make a dash for that pine tree there.

No. They might be circling, but they weren’t actually wolves. Wolves would have been more reasonable. Wolves would have backed off when she’d shot one of them, maybe. Maybe they could have been spooked off. These weren’t wolves.

“I don’t have anything.” Her voice was shaky. That wasn’t good; nobody was intimidating by shaky. “I barely have enough to keep myself going.”

“It’ll keep us going a bit longer.” The leader snapped forward, showing his teeth. Pointed teeth, of course. They were all such creps.

And they were circling, closer and closer. She opened her mouth – and the leader snapped his teeth at her again. “Try it pretty thing. You know we eat magic.”

“Of course you do.” Of course the wild dogs would…

…wild dogs would…

…wild dogs…

They were circling like wolves, only a few feet from Jenna and her tree non-safety. Circling like wolves, but if you looked at them, really, really Looked, what you saw…

…wasn’t lupine, it was canine.

Jenna whistled, sharp and high. “Bad dogs.”

The predators stopped circling. One of the smaller ones whined.

“Bad dogs. Sit.” She put every bit of authority behind the word. “Sit. Now.”

To a man, they sat. The leader whined, low and deep in his throat.

“Good boys.” Suddenly, Janna wondered if she had enough treats in her pack – and if jerkey counted as treats.

Tip Circle 😉

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