Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 13

This is the thirteenth in a series of character profiles for my upcoming July Camp Nano Project.

The gods have finally made it to New York – to Rochester. Now it’s time to clear out.

Because I find it amusing how I’m getting some of this detail, I’ve added the generator description at the end. Names from

Brendan Harris IT/MBA

Brendan never considered himself particularly religious – indeed, he still doesn’t think of himself as being all that faithful. The books have interesting stories, the moral code is nice if simplistic, and the way people interpret the books is very, very interesting.

He joined the Inter-faith Council for several reasons, very few of them which would look all that good in a faithful light. For one, there were a number of attractive women in the group. For another, it looked good on his resume to be in many clubs, clubs that potential employers could understand, and being known as a religious man was not a bad thing when looking to get very involved in business. It made him look more trustworthy. And, perhaps most honestly, he liked to debate and people like debating religious texts.

He is a senior now, doing a dual program – Information Tech and an MBA. He’s the treasurer for the Interfaith Council and scrupulous about that job; he’s managed to date several girls from the group, only one of whom is still involved in IFC (and she tries to avoid him), but nothing has worked out long term.

Brendan has a classic male-model build, which he hones the same way as any other weapon in his arsenal: just over 6′ tall, muscular, tanned build, wavy blonde hair just long enough to look dangerous without looking actually rebellious, sky-blue eyes, and a prominent Roman nose. His favorite elective was one in forging and metallurgy, and he’s been in contact with local SCA people trying to learn more about it.

He is, more or less, a tomcat with a plan – which is why he can’t really hold on to any of his dates so far.

The character is male
6 ft. 2 in. tall.
muscular build.
chin length wavy blonde hair.
light blue eyes.
dark skin.
nose is notable in some fashion

small feline related Change
Significant physical Changes include tail , skin tone
Innate ability can destroy rock/metal in some way.(79)

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