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Backing Out and Walking In

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Niobe was looking at him. Sedge was looking at him. And he was still on his knees. What do you say, ‘Obe? What was she going to say? Blaecleah’s heart was in his throat.

She sighed. “He’s a lovely boy. You really grabbed him just for…?”

“Don’t get me wrong, guys are okay in my book, but I prefer guys who prefer me, if you know what I mean. Or girls. Or…”

“We get the point. We get the point. Blaecleah, what do you think about it?”

“I’m not trying to back out of the deal. He said I couldn’t handle a year under the collar. I can handle it!” The words tumbled out over each other. He took a breath, finding he needed it. “I’m not trying to get out of the deal.”

“Trust me, kid, this isn’t going to be getting out of the deal. You’re still going to be under the collar for a year. It’s going to be my collar – but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy ride or anything.”

Blaecleah swallowed. “I could…” She was a very cute girl. But he was Sedge’s. That was the agreement he’d made. She was a very cute girl. “It involves…”

“It might. It might not. But if it does, it’ll be with your consent.” Her mouth did something sort of like a smile. “I’m not a monster, at least. It’s not going to be torture, even if it’s not going to be easy.”

“I have a choice?”

“You have choices. I’m not going to take you from Sedge if you don’t agree. The whole point of the deal was agreement, after all.”

“You…” Was he really considering this? It’d been easier the first time. He swallowed again. “Why?”

“Well, we can talk about that if you say yes. If you say no – my reasons are gonna be your smallest concern.”

“Hunh.” Sedge wasn’t going to be happy if he said no, was he? Sedge had picked him up for a bet. He’d – what, lost the bet anyway? “Why do you want me?”

“Color me curious. I want to know what someone’s like who walks into it willingly.”

The lump in Blaecleah’s throat was never going to go away. “Guess I’ll walk into it willingly again.”

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Themes Ideas

So, one of the things I’m trying for my Patreon campaign is a monthly theme or ‘verse.

Patrons at the $5/month level and above will be able to vote on the theme/’verse, and at least some of the free-posted fiction on the site that month will be in that theme.

In addition, if we reach the $75, $150, $300, or $450/month donation levels, the rewards will be within theme.

‘Verses are easy; I have lots of ’em and can pick the ones I’m excited about or at least leave out the ones I’m really not feeling that month.

Themes – themes are harder.


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So, the More, Please tag is back in rotation, & I’m indecisive

Something you want to see more of in that tag?

or the “ack, more” tag:

or the “and then what?” tag:


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See Other Addergoole characters through the apoc?

[personal profile] faeapoclive has shown us pieces of the apoc’s beginnings through various character’s eyes. So far we have seen the Original Series protagonists – Shahin, Kailani, and Jamian.

Is there someone else you’d like to see? Any Addergoole character who exists in 2011 in-world time is up for grabs.


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