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Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Prequel Vignette: Emmett

Second in a series of stories leading up to my Camp Nano Project – this one stars Emmett and the mentioned Jo & Cadey.


Emmett tried not to jump. People weren’t supposed to come up behind you and say you like that. Not even in a room full of nerds. Not even in a cafeteria full of gaming nerds.

“Me?” The rest of the players at the table were looking over his shoulder. He couldn’t tell much from their reactions – some annoyed, some amused, some confused, standard “someone is interrupting the game” faces. He was going to have to turn around – which struck him as a trap.

“Five minute piss break.” DK, the DM, stood up, pushing himself away from the table. “Come on people, smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em.”

“You.” A second voice came from behind Emmett, and a hand landed on each of his shoulders. The second voice, more definitely female and slightly more firm, was almost in his ear. “Are you going to Anelle’s Samhain party?”

If he turned around, the nice hands on his shoulder were either going to vanish or turn into something terrifying. Schrodinger’s Girl: If he didn’t open the box, it was going to turn out okay.

“Who’s what now?”

The chairs to either side of him creaked. Don and Pony had abandoned him. “Anelle’s. She throws these awesome parties and her Samhain parties are the best. But you have to have an invite. Do you have an invite?”

That was the slightly-less-girly sounding voice. But it really was rude to talk to people and not look at them. Emmett turned first to the speaker and then to the other.

Two adorably hopeful smiles grinned back at him. The second speaker tapped his shoulder again, perkily. “You should come with us.”

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In a Fashion, a story of Science! for the Giraffe Call (@lilfluff)

I asked for prompts regarding Variants here for The MicroPrompt Giraffe Call. This is written to LilFluff’s Prompt here.

“What’s going on with Island Seven?” Alex passed over coffee the way Cara liked it. “I can’t get a solid read on the genetic scanners there.”

“Oh, that’s where we let Bontempo and Gilman-Friis work on that project of theirs.”

“That… oh, you didn’t. Seriously? Bontempo?”

“He asked very nicely, and he seemed relatively sane. I mean, relatively and all, but he does seem like he knows what he’s doing, as long as Gilman-Friis keeps him in check and moderates his work.”

“Doesn’t seem fair to her.”

“No, but I promised her Island Eight if they get anything at all out of this at all.”

“And… so what do they have?”


“I’m getting bored with this.” Coren ran her hands over the super-slim form with the pale skin and the black hair. “I’m thinking about doing something more fleshy for tomorrow.”

“I know what you’re saying.” Toran pinched a nipple on his current body. “This isn’t bad, but I think the punk look is… last week.”

The two of them were wearing, in addition to their body-shapes, peacock-bright clothing that covered enough of them to be “decent” by another world’s standards. Coren’s, as usual, was mostly shades of blue; zie wore a bracelet on her wrist that had zir name picked out in rhinestones. Toran’s was black and pink and zir name was embroidered on zir collar.

“Hey, bitches, what do you think?” A third stepped up to the town center, spinning in a body-shape they had not seen before – four arms on a very muscular torso, body otherwise androgynous, clothing skin-tight and black, wet-look like oiled leather. Picked out under the pecs was a name – Anor, of course. “It’s an all-new look. Custom.”

“Have?” Cara shrugged at the footage. “They’ve developed the next level of fashion.”

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Repentance – teaser, a fragment of Boom

This comes after Unrepentant, and is just a teaser, as I need to write more on it before it’s a proper story.

But I included a dollie of Cynara!

“And your crew? How are they, now?”

“Gone, I suppose. Eriko passed into humanity…”

It sat in Cynara’s mind as the days creaked on. Dysmas was in her city. That was bad enough; he was here, walking around, free to do to anyone what he’d done to her…

…to try, at least. Boom Town looked badly at that sort of thing.

And that made her want to chew on nails and spit out bullets, as her father had been fond of saying, once upon a time. But his presence, his physical existence still on the same plane of being as her… that woke up other memories.

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Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 11

This is the eleventh in a series of character profiles for my upcoming July Camp Nano Project.

The story follows the flight of a group – students and their friends – from Rochester, NY; as the world crumbles around them, where can they possibly go for safety?

Douglas King
Game Design & Development

Douglas went to R.I.T. because it was one of the best, and because they offered impressive scholarships and a five-year combined Masters/Bachelor’s program. He got into Game Design because it was a good career move, and because the concepts of game design interested him.

He got into the Friday night Shadowrun game because game design didn’t stop at computers, and the Tuesday D&D game for the same reason – and because Aih played in the Tuesday game, and Aih had a smile that lit up the world.

He got into Anelle’s parties because he met Jordan in one of his classes & she invited him; he got into the parties because the people there seemed more laid-back than the guys on his floor and more intense than the stoners in the quad.

From Anelle’s parties it was a pretty easy jump to Oak & Rowan. It really wasn’t his thing, not to begin with, but Aih was there, and Aih not only had a lovely smile, but she saw the world in a way nobody else Douglas had ever met did.

And from there it was a skip and a hop to Raven’s Thursday night drinking in the swamp, and closing his eyes to the world and opening them to the other world.

Douglas is a wee bit on the short side – 5 foot seven – and a whole lot on the skinny side – barely over 100 lbs. He has dark skin, nearly ebony in shade, and eyes that shifted to a light blue-grey at puberty. His hands are almost clawlike, although that could be attributed to his thinness.

His hobby is 3D rendering; nearsighted AND farsighted, sometimes he feels like he can see space better in programming than he can in real life.

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Brown paper packages… ♪♫

I asked for prompts regarding Packages here for The MicroPrompt Giraffe Call. This is written to Rix_Scaedu’s Prompt here.

♪♫ Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things… ♫♪

It sounded like her doorbell, if Ackelea had decided on the world’s twee-est doorbell. It sounded like a weird prank for late in the evening the day after Hell Night. It sounded like she ought to open her door, because it had just moved on to

♪♫ Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles… ♫♪

and the Dead Gods alone knew what schnitzel with noodles was supposed to be.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, intercom on, I’m coming.”

♪♫ Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things ♫♪

“Dead things and intercom off blasted gods stop ringing already I’m on my way” She yanked the door open, remembering only then that she was wearing her oldest pair of shorts and her bra, because who visited anyone on the evening after Hell Night?

♪♫ Brown paper packages tied up with strings… ♫♪ The doorbell cut off as she opened her door, which was a small blessing at least.

“Well, that’s a brown paper package,” Ackelea said, mostly to herself. She wasn’t certain the package could hear her. “And it’s definitely tied up with string. Hope it’s not butcher paper, I don’t think that stuff breathes.”

On her doorstep, wrapped up in almost more string than paper, was something the general size and shape of a human being – or a fae – complete with a tag sticking out.

♪♫ …These are a few of my favorite things… ♫♪

Tip Package 😉

♪Tied Up With String♫

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After So, Who Are You?.

The halls seemed more empty than normal; it seemed as if Tall Guy was dragging Blaecleah down a viewing gallery to his execution.

He went where he was dragged, because Tall Guy had a very firm grip, and because he wasn’t sure that he could go the other way if he wanted to, even if Tall Guy let go.

Was that Master Tall Guy? Nah, that only happened in the stories. Well, mostly in the stories. He hadn’t been really sure about the collars, until D.J. had brought that skinny skinny girl around with the shiny gold collar. So maybe he just hadn’t read the right books? Maybe the creche library had been holding out on him…

“Here.” Tall Guy came to an abrupt stop, quick enough that Blaecleah kept moving. Somehow he found that momentum used to push him in front of Tall Guy, the grip on his arm traded for a grip on both shoulders. “See, ‘Obe? I told you.”

“‘Obe” was probably the woman – girl? – horned person in front of them, taller than Blaecleah by an inch, blonde and stunning with sun-burnished bronze skin. She looked as if Tall Guy had just handed her a bug, like they were kids on the playground.

Being the bug, Blaecleah found, was far less fun than handing the bug to someone else.

“‘Here?'” ‘Obe looked Blaecleah up and down. “It’s a first-year student, Sedge, well done.”


“Wha-” Blaecleah dropped to his knees. “Oh.”

Niobe sighed. “Sedge…”

“Tell her what happened, honestly.”

“What happened? I mean, you said you thought I was soft and dared me to take a year as yours.”

“And you knew what that entailed?”

“I know what being Kept is, doesn’t everyone?”

“See, ‘Obe? You said if I could get someone to willingly agree to the collar, you’d help me with the graduation requirements.”

Next: Think Before You Deal

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“Where Does Society Begin?” a longer answer to “So, you’ve survived the apoc…”

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer has posted here a longer answer to my So, You’ve Manage to Survive the Apocalypse… and the immediate post-apoc no-tech horror…question here and is requesting feedback.

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Feedback Wanted: Kailani/Dean Storm and Addergoole East ~ House Names

So, in Addergoole East (at least early-timeline), Kailani/Dean Storm has chosen to go with Houses of the Harry Potter sort.

I am thinking of having her (she is a very nerdy young lady with a serious academic bent) name them after the four/five classical Greek/Latin elements.

Thoughts? Brainstorming? Scoffing?

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