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Giraffe Call Summary

Escape from Rochester Landing Page

The Collar Job: a Table of Contents

Life and the Weather

Recipe Log: Corn Dog Muffins

The Leaves of this TreeBook

Far Weston – Unicorn/Factory
Addergoole/Criminal Minds xover V
So, Who are You? Addergoole Yr27
A Walk (K. Orion Fray Writing Prompts, Lovcraftian Police Procedural ‘verse)
Bug – Blaecleah Addergoole Year 27
Think Before You Deal – Blaecleah Addergoole Year 27
Jumping Rings Chapter One – new serial!
The Collar Job Part XIV
The Collar Job Part XV (Tír na Cali/Leverage fanfiction)

Feedback Wanted

So, You’ve Managed to Survive the Apocalypse… and the immediate post-apoc no-tech horror…
“Where Does Society Begin?” from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer
I Need Some Gods, Please
BIGGEST QUESTION for “Escape from Rochester” (Camp Nano July 14 project)

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Giraffe Call Summary

This month, rather than a single prompt, I had several small prompts.

I don’t think it worked as well as a single prompt, and probably won’t try this again.

I do not think I had any new prompters (If I am wrong, please let me know), and the call earned $25 – enough for T. & I to get take-out this weekend!

MicroPrompt One: Mushrooms
Wise Mushroom (Fairy Town)
Trip-Tripping through the Apoc (Fae Apoc)

Fairy Rings (Fae Post-Apoc)
Fairy Ring Shortcuts (Fae Post-Apoc)
Terroir (Fae Post-Apoc)

MicroPrompt Two: Circles
Like Wolves (fae post-apoc)
Artist Wanted (Planners)
What Comes Around (Addergoole)
Oh, No, Not Again (fanfic)

MicroPrompt Three: Packages
Brown paper packages… ♪♫ (Addergoole)
Itty Bitty Package

MicroPrompt Four: Variant
The Three of Guldenton
Take Me, Unicorn/Factory
A Game (Space/Colony)
In a Fashion, Science!

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Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Prequel Vignette: Jordan

Fourth in a series of stories leading up to my Camp Nano Project – this one stars Jordan.

For information on the events they’re discussing, see [ profile] faeapoclive and [ profile] faeapoclive
“So, what do you think of all this?”

It was June, and it was New York, so it was raining, which meant we’d all ended up at my place instead of out in the swamp. Some things I could work around. Thunderstorms, not so much.

And Jordan was leaning over the back of the coveted Green Armchair to talk under the general drunken revelry of the conversation, to ask me –

“All this?” It was pretty dumb to play dumb, but I admit, I tried anyway. “It’s a party. Pretty fun, as parties go.”

She gave me that Look that said don’t even try with me. “The stuff on tv. ‘Portals.’ People vanishing. All of that mess. What do you think of it? It’s too extensive to be a hoax… isn’t it?”

It sounded as if she wanted to be reassured. I didn’t have all that much reassurance to give, but I tried. “Well, considering everything’s coming from a few sources – mostly the AP, right? – then it could be a hoax. You’d need good photoshop skills or a back lot in Hollywood…”

“Okay, now you sound like a moon landing denier.” Jordan huffed.

“They’re crazy – but their points are accurate. And this is a lot more out there than a moon landing. Big rings of fire, people going missing – did you hear the one about the woman being cured of cancer by the portal? It’s pretty out there.”

Jordan pursed her lips. “People go missing all the time.” I got the feeling I didn’t want to ask her how she knew that. “But these rings of flame -“

“I like the theory where it’s pollution.” I liked the theory, although I wasn’t sure I believed it.

“Pollution.” Finally, she accepted something I’d handed her. “Okay. Pollution.”

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