Summary of the Last Week-Plus

Last Summary

Giraffe Call Summary

Escape from Rochester Landing Page

The Collar Job: a Table of Contents

Life and the Weather

Recipe Log: Corn Dog Muffins

The Leaves of this TreeBook

Far Weston – Unicorn/Factory
Addergoole/Criminal Minds xover V
So, Who are You? Addergoole Yr27
A Walk (K. Orion Fray Writing Prompts, Lovcraftian Police Procedural ‘verse)
Bug – Blaecleah Addergoole Year 27
Think Before You Deal – Blaecleah Addergoole Year 27
Jumping Rings Chapter One – new serial!
The Collar Job Part XIV
The Collar Job Part XV (Tír na Cali/Leverage fanfiction)

Feedback Wanted

So, You’ve Managed to Survive the Apocalypse… and the immediate post-apoc no-tech horror…
“Where Does Society Begin?” from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer
I Need Some Gods, Please
BIGGEST QUESTION for “Escape from Rochester” (Camp Nano July 14 project)

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