Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 14

This is the 14th in a series of character profiles for my upcoming July Camp Nano project – Escape from Rochester.

Thirty-two students & their friends need to get out of Rochester before the gods’-war destroys everything. How will they make it out – and how many of them will survive?

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Cadens Montgomery – New Media Interactive Development

Cadens has felt the presence of the strange and the weird in her life since childhood – she has heard voices where there were no voices to be heard, she has known things she had no right to know, and she has understood things that were beyond her.

Her mother took her to church because she wanted to be sure Cadens had a strong moral background – although both Cadens and her mother had always known that something was a little weird about Cadens’ father, it was an open secret, the sort never mentioned at the dinner table.

Cadens held on to that faith, and the moral backing it gave her, after puberty showed that she was a little bit weirder than most, after her powers developed in full. She kept her faith when she went to college, and when a relationship with Brendan went very quickly south.

She is a slender girl of medium – 5’5″ – height, with long red hair that she wears loose most of the time. Her eyes are black and, in the right light, appear iridescent, like a beetle’s wings. She wears her fingernails painted to hide the fact that they’re chitinous.

She wants to be a news reporter, but is interested in the way the internet and social media are being used to move news and information. She prefers – unsurprisingly – sound-transmission media and has her own youtube channel.

She dated Lewis‘ roommate Rob for a while, but found they were too far apart in core beliefs; right now she is finding herself single and not sure if she wants to be or not…. but has enough things on her plate that it’s a distant fourth in terms of priorities.

Of course, then the world ends…

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