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In the end of May, 2011, strange things started happening all over the world. Follow along with [personal profile] faeapoclive, [twitter.com profile] faeapoclive, and [tumblr.com profile] faeapoclive as the apocalypse unfolds

May 18-24

21 may 2014

ATHENS, Greece (AP): A strange cloud of pollution has been obscuring a main boulevard here for two days; traffic has been backed up, and all alternate routes are either clogged or have been closed to allow emergency vehicles to travel through.

The cause? A circle appears to hang in mid-air. The flat shape, approximately eight feet in diameter and about one foot off the road surface, faces at an angle onto the main road. From the side, it is completely invisible.

The circle appears harmless; a stray dog jumped through it in curiosity and was unharmed, but pens and other inanimate objects will hover in mid-air or vanish entirely.

The Grecian authorities say they will keep the road closed until they can determine the origin of the strange circle of air, and whether or not it is harmful to humans or to vehicles.

May 25-31



27 may 2014

EDITORIAL: It has long been known that the peak of the Brocken, near Schierke in Saxony-Anhalt, is the center of many of the worst gatherings of witches and demons throughout the centuries.

Many well-respected organizations have tried, without success, to have human traffic on the mountain banned, as such traffic only provides fuel for those monsters who dwell there.

But still teenaged children will go to the mountain to “party.” Still college-ages students will go up there to indulge in sinful acts.

And now, now the gate to Hell has opened up upon the mountain, and all of our sins will come crashing down on us. Beware, people! Repent! The time of doom is on us soon!

June 1-7

2 jun 2014

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP): A nonprofit origination, Save The Doors, is claiming that all of the “portals” that have opened recently are their responsibilities.

In a rambling ten-page statement, the organization has laid claim to the strange occurrences that have been taking place all over the globe. They say that the so-called “portals” are their doing, the result of a massive “ritual” designed to open the doors between worlds.

“The doors are opening,” they claim, “and they must remain intact so that they may open completely…. Our soldiers will be taking control of ever and every one of the doorways in the coming weeks, to be certain that they open properly.”

Seven governments, including the US, Germany, and Vanuatu have repudiated this organization & their claims.

June 8-14



5 jun 2014

FORT VALLEY, Georgia (AP): A local man has caught the attention of his neighbors – and the internet – by digging a thousand-foot “devil’s trap” on fallow land owned by the county.

The twenty-acre lot behind Glen Carlson’s property was once owned by the Carlson family, before being seized for tax evasion in the seventies. Neighbors say that the Carlsons never stopped using the property – but that until now, their use has been secretive and quiet.

Now, with the carving of a thousand-foot heptagram (seven-sided star) into the sod, Glen Carlson has announced his trespass; in addition to the physical evidence, he has admitted on camera that he created the giant shape “to trap the demons that are coming.”

The Carlson family and the town of Fort Valley remain silent on the subject.

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